BIG NEWS!!! Thursday Kaylee took Emery up to the CF Clinic at PCH for a sick visit because she has been unable to kick a cold for a month and a half. The appointment resulted in a 3rd round of anti-biotics and something that we weren't expecting for several more months...the fitting of her CF Vest! 

WE GOT THE VEST!!! This weekend marks the beginning of the next chapter in Emery's CF Story.  After almost 20 months of doing manual percussion therapy (which typically involved pinning down, wrestling, and crying with Emery for sometimes hours every day), we finally got Emery's CF Vest. In the past 24 hours these dreaded treatments have changed from tears to laughter, and from anxiety to excitement. Emery actually asks for more 'shake shake' after completing her vest treatments. While we are more than excited to share this news, we couldn't have made it this far alone.

Our family has been helped out by so many people that it would be impossible to thank everyone personally; however, there have been hundreds of family members, friends, neighbors, and even strangers that have made all of this possible. Over the past 1 1/2 years, several fundraisers have been conducted and participated in by many groups including: The Franklin Group, Goldenwest FCU, Weber County Corp, Minky Couture, Dental Select, Secret Santa, Harrisville City, AvantGuard, Jack Gives Back Boutique, Betos (yes, that Betos), Enchanted Princess Easter Egg Hunt, Kimber's Karamels, Emery's Go Fund Me Donations, Primary Childrens Cystic Fibrosis Clinic, and many more. 

More important than the monetary support, we have felt the support and love of close friends and our families.  Many of you have brought over dinner, called to check in, learned manual treatments, and babysat for Dr. appointments/date nights. 

Anyone who is close to Cystic Fibrosis knows that it takes a lot of work (without taking days off) to keep CF patients healthy and strong. This is something Kaylee and I would not be able to do alone and there really isn't an adequate way to thank everyone.  Please know that if you have helped out in any way, regardless of what it was, it has meant the world to us and we are better people because of you.  The generosity of so many people has made us want to reach out and server others, the way you all have served us.

The vest would not have been possible without all of you!

Thank you!!!

Love: Derrick & Kaylee